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National Geographic Presents Bulgaria
Bulgaria's cultural heritage will be presented in National Geographic magazine, archaeologist Nikolai Ovcharov said.
The National Geographic issue, dedicated to Bulgaria, will be issued in December, Ovcharov said. Most of the coverage will focus on the Thracian cultural heritage, Focus news agency reported.
Most countries, presented in the magazine, experienced a tourism boom afterwards, Ovcharov said. National Geographic is issued in 28 languages. Nearly 100 million people view each issue, Focus reported.
National Geographic representatives believe Bulgaria's culture heritage is valuable, Ovcharov said. Photographer Kenneth Garrett said the ancient settlement of Perperikon is comparable to the Egyptian pyramids and to the pyramids in Central America.
Ovcharov said the involvement of the National Geographic teams also demonstrates Bulgarian cultural sites are valued. National Geographic chooses the subjects of each issue and the magazine's reporters cannot be influenced to select a destination, Said Ovcharov.

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