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how to buy
If you want to buy an apartment in Lucky Pamporovo complex, you may contact any of our intermediaries, or you may contact directly the sales team at Lucky Pamporovo. All prices are fixed and you will not be charged an additional fee for using an intermediary.
If you would like to see the building site first before proceeding to step one, please contact the sales team at Lucky Pamporovo and we will be happy to arrange an inspection trip for you and show you the beauties of Pamporovo resort and the natural wonders in the area.
Step 1:  After you select an apartment, we can reserve the property of your choice for 3 weeks by transferring a deposit of 1000 euro to our bank account. The deposit amount will be deducted from your first payment due.
Step 2: After the property is reserved, we e-mail you a preliminary contract for sale. You have 21 days to review the contract and within this period we will answer any questions that you might still have. You sign two copies of the preliminary contract and mail these over to us. As per the preliminary contract the first payment of 30% of the purchase price is transferred into our bank account. We will mail you back a signed copy of the preliminary contract as soon as we receive the document from you. The exchange of the preliminary contracts could be done via faxes, if this is the client’s preference.
Step 3: The remaining payments 2 and 3 as per the preliminary contract are transferred to our account by the due dates specified in the agreement.
Step 4: The ownership is transferred by August 31, 2007. You receive a Notary Deed, the document entitling you as an owner of the apartment. Usually, the Notary Deed is signed and picked up at the Smolyan Municipality here. Although we recommend to our clients to come and inspect the property for themselves, the deal could be completed by Power of Attorney without the necessity of you being here.